Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ways of Seeing

It's important to understand that prior knowledge, either personal experiences or education have a lot to do with the way someone responds to signs and the way they read them. We all tend to make associations of things we see/read to things we already know. Seeing always comes before words. 
"It is seeing which establishes our place in the surrounding world; we explain that world with words, but words can never undo the fact that we are surrounded by it. The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled."   -Berger, John

If you have any spare time check out the book "Ways of Seeing" by John Berger it is very interesting.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Word Clouds

Generated from CV

I never imagined that there were sites that automatically generated images like the one above. I actually came across this site -Wordle that generates word clouds from text. In my opinion it takes away from the value of someone actually taking the time to figure out the best way they can approach this matter and creating it themselves. I guess it bothers me the fact that anyone can generate a word cloud like nothing. Then again its not like it actually over-passes one that was actually created from scratch. What do you think?

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Importance of Having a Sense of Connection Within the Design Community

A “sense of connection” in essence is what everyone is always looking for. And we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be living and being part of an era of technology, where everything and anything is at a simple click. A connection with reality, people, and our surroundings is what maintains us on our feet.
“They will learn from their own mistakes!” Now tell me how many of you have heard this phrase over and over before? And Why? What is the purpose? This phrase no longer applies to any of us unless we allow it to mean anything. We live in a generation where there is help all around us, whether we are looking for it or not. We are no longer constrained to any chair. And that is why it is important for us, those individuals pursuing a career in the field of Graphic Design, to have a strong sense of connection within design. What we are learning and experiencing in this moment within graphic design will just become a bigger sensation as we go on further. And maintaining tides with those who have been in our shoes and are now on the top will only help us reach our star sooner. Graphic design is like a tree, always growing and always changing. If you ignore it you will never see it coming. Maintaining a relationship within the design community will allow you to see yourself grow and see others do it as well within the field of design. Lets continue watering the tree!!!