Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Word Clouds

Generated from CV

I never imagined that there were sites that automatically generated images like the one above. I actually came across this site -Wordle that generates word clouds from text. In my opinion it takes away from the value of someone actually taking the time to figure out the best way they can approach this matter and creating it themselves. I guess it bothers me the fact that anyone can generate a word cloud like nothing. Then again its not like it actually over-passes one that was actually created from scratch. What do you think?


  1. Scientific visualization is a hybrid field that combines computer programming and visualization theories. It's quite an impressive field of study, and is utilized often to illustrate complex data sets, using computerized algorithms. The results can be quite beautiful, and informative.

  2. It is better to learn how to drive a stick shift rather than an automatic. That way you automatically learn to do both. I feel like i have handicapped myself in the past by using templates to create web pages and other such things. Now, doing everything from scratch is more valuable to me. Time consuming it may be, but it is necessary as a designer.